Are you a pastor, scholar, church leader, or Christian thinker who has something thoughtful to say? Do you have a strong voice and powerful convictions about the future of the church? If so, we would like to hear your book ideas and talk about publication through Shook Foil Books. Why publish with us? We are a new company, formed by experienced pastors, scholars, and editors. Through the format of digital publication, we are positioned to take risks and challenge the community of believers. Advantages of digital publishing include:

High royalty rates
Our royalty rates are double that of industry standards

Flexible contract lengths
If you get Penguin's attention, we won't hold you back. We want our writers to flourish.

Artistic and intellectual freedom
We don't tell you what to write.

Comprehensive availability of your book
Anyone with an internet connection can buy and read your book.

To begin a conversation about your book project, send your name, CV, and a 400-600 word proposal to We look forward to hearing from you.