Shook Foil Books Young Preachers Compilation
Edited by Erik W. Dailey.
Shook Foil Books Young Preachers Compilation is a collection of twenty thoughtful sermons from young church leaders. Springing from a diverse array of ministry contexts, these sermons reveal the strength, creativity, and thoughtfulness of today's emerging voices. This collection will inspire and challenge through biblical insight and faithful exegesis.

The Compilation Includes:
1. One Red and One Blue, Psalm 23.
Jeffrey E. Bryan
2. Saint or Sinner? Luke 18:9–14.
Ryan Estevan Taylor Byers
3. An Unnamed Sermon, Judges 19:22–28
Millason Dailey
4. But What If I’m a Goat? Matthew 25:31–46
Keeva Kase
5. Not Sufficiently Dead, Colossians 3:1–4, John 20:11–18
Jennifer Morrow
6. What’s in a Label? Matthew 21:23–32
Todd Noren-Hentz
7. A Better Story, Philippians 2:1–11
Rebecca Ann Curtis
8. In God’s Wake, Exodus 33:12–23
Sarah Walker Cleaveland
9. Open the Gates, John 10:1–10
Jessica L. Bratt
10. Righteousness and Roller Derby, Philippians 3:4b–14
Kurt Esslinger
11. Joy and Mangos, Ecclesiastes 1:2–3,12–14; 2:18–24, Luke 12:15–21
Katie Mulligan
12. Stockholm Syndrome, Genesis 3:1–5
Stephen McKinney-Whitaker
13. Minding Your Own Business, Exodus 3:1–15
Richard W. Voelz
14. Throwing Stones, John 8:2–11
Julie Dunson Meredith
15. What’s for Dinner, Luke 14:1,7–14
Mihee Kim-Kort
16. Remembering Our Identity, John 1:–8,19–28
Stephen Friedrich
17. Backward Christians, Acts 26:9–21
Michael D. Langford
18. The Title Match—with God! Genesis 32:22–31
Polly R. Toner
19. A Soundtrack for Our Lives, Psalm 107:1–9, Luke 24:13–27
Catherine Chang
20. Joy in the Boneyard, Ezekiel 37:1–14
Todd Edmondson