Why Be a Christian (If No One Goes to Hell)?
Daniel Meeter

Why Be a Christian (If No One Goes to Hell)? is a warm and friendly tour through the peaceful and positive features of the Christian faith, without judgment of other religions. The book is a practical and down-to-earth introduction for the curious, the inquirer, and anyone who wants to discover Christianity in a new light. It confidently clears away the ever-present and negative motivation for being a Christian: the fear of going to hell. The book argues that the conventional view of people suffering in hell is not part of the original Biblical faith, and that belief in hell is not required of a Christian today. Accessible, readable, and smart, this is the book to consult if you are shopping for a religion, want to develop your spirituality, or just want to know more about Christianity.

A New Look at Hell
1. This Book is for You
2. Good News about Hell
3. Then Why the Bad News?

Why Be a Christian?
4. To Be Spiritual
5. To Pray
6. To Save Your Soul
7. To Be a Human Being
8. To Know God
9. To Know God’s Story
10. To Deal with Guilt
11. To Be Grateful
12. To Know Christ
13. To Love God
14. To Love Your Neighbor
15. To Be Transformed
16. To Go to Heaven

Next Steps
17. How to Become a Christian
Appendix I
Appendix II

Daniel Meeter is a pastor and theologian who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He serves one of the oldest historic churches in America. He earned his Ph.D. from Drew University, and has taught Ancient Greek, theology, worship, and world religions at the high school, college, and divinity school level. He is active in inter-faith dialogue and social service, especially with the homeless of Park Slope, Brooklyn. He likes opera, symphonies, bluegrass, the Blues, and rock-and-roll.

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