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The Eternal Cycle of Life: An Illustrated Sermon Series
Jonas Hayes, Author
Anna McDonald, Illustrator

The Eternal Cycle of Life: An Illustrated Sermon Series explores significant themes in human development—birth, coming of age, parenting, death, and resurrection—through beautiful artwork and wise words of grace and encouragement. Utilizing the graphic novel form in an innovative way, this work brings to life four of Hayes' sermons. It looks closely at challenging issues like connection, intimacy, faith, and fragility through a theological lens, inviting readers to reflect on how they live out the cycle of life in the midst of Christian community.

The Rev. Jonas Hayes is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Tusculum College (B.A. English) and has been ordained since 2006. In Kansas City, Jonas founded the non-profit organization Heartland 180, which teaches character education, life skills and 21st century skills to disadvantaged youth and young adults. In Greenville, Mississippi, Jonas received the 2011 Frank Carlton Humanitarian Award given by the Warren-Washington-Issaquena-Sharkey Community Action Agency and was featured in the documentary "Delta 180: Changing Lives in the Mississippi Delta" by Cypress Bend Productions.

Anna McDonald is an art student at the University of Central Missouri. She has written and illustrated six books, including
Emerall, Truman, Creain, King of the Wild Children, Silver Oaks Hotel, and The Monster in the Basement.

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