From Each Brave Eye: Reflections on the Arts, Ministry, and Holy Imagination

All too often, the metaphors and methods that we apply to the work of the church are those of bureaucracy and business—Robert’s Rules and sales pitches for salvation. Yet many who take the church seriously, ordained ministers and laity alike, yearn for something more. They seek to carve out in their ministries a space for beauty. From Each Brave Eye is a collection of essays by men and women committed to the work of the church and to exploring the intersection between theological reflection and artistic expression. These essays grow out of a common conviction that the human imagination can be sanctified, and that creative engagement with a variety of artists—from Wendell Berry and Richard Russo, to Five Iron Frenzy and Tim Burton—can provide nourishment and life to the contemporary church. 

Entries include:

Michael Sares (with Dave Meserve) on Greek Orthodox icons and holy imagination.

Timoth W. Ross on Wendell Berry and the least of these.

Debra Dean Murphy on poetry and the theological task.

Derek L. Penwell on The Empire Grill and community building.

Erik W. Dailey on Five Iron Frenzy and faithful living in a broken world.

Meredith A. Holladay on the Indigo Girls and social justice.

Tom M. Trinidad on Big Fish and our Christian stories.

Todd Edmondson on contemporary film and John Howard Yoder.

Katie Mulligan on salsa dancing and welcoming with discomfort.